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Transport of empty bottles :

All of our equipment is suitable for very high speeds (neck guides, guides shoulder, side guides, boxes and fans) as well as programs for automation and control of your line. ICS will offer you the best solution even under combining multiple switches, multiple formats and control at high speed.

What we can offer as a Standard
we can transport mixed bottles by using switch units
​Switch are available in the following configurations, 2/2, 1/2 and 2/1, even very high speeds
All our systems can use automatic guides and will automatic regulate the  pressure
All our Conveyors are clean and conveyor aseptic
​Integration of peripheral equipment through our partners

What else we can offer
We can have direct feeding of bottles to the filler
We have an Ingenious process for aseptic
Accumulation time suited to your space
​Study of the costs of production in order to optimize

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