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SpiralVeyor® SV

Space saving spiral elevator for packed products. Continuous flow, high throughput, no controls. 

​Belt width: 200, 300, 400, 600 mmCapacity: up to 90 m/min, 200 items/min  


Continuous spiral elevator
Space-saving design
High throughput
Patented roller design
Tailor made

​With its installed base of thousands of machines world wide (including demanding multinationals clients), the AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor type SV sets the standard for industry.

Technical specifications
Spiral Elevation up or down (or reversible).
Loads of up to 50 kg/m.Belt speeds of up to 90 m/min.
​Angle of incline 2.5º -15º.
CE certified and 100% intrinsic safety.

Distinguishing features
Only one drive needed for height differences exceeding 12 m.
​A choice of many belt types with or without high friction
​Belt maintenance without using tools
Transports heavy items even if not positioned central on the belt. 


Material configurations
S     Mild steel, coated
​CR   High Corrosion resistant coated mild steel frame, stainless parts, special CR-chain
​RS   Stainless steel frame and moving parts (wash down / wet environment)

In/ Out Feed Configurations