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SpiralVeyor® SV300

The SpiralVeyor® SV300 'Slim Line' is a spiral conveyor similar to the thousands of machines installed worldwide that serve as a continuous elevator.
But it differs in one important aspect. It's 'SLIM LINE'!
Save valuable floor space
Keep aisles and working areas free
Make maximum use of the space between structures and floor beams/ ceiling beams
​SpiralVeyor® Slim Line, the most compact Spiral Elevator on the market
For colom modulair packing

​With its installed base of thousands of machines world wide (including demanding multinationals clients), the AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor type SV sets the standard for industry.

Product details
Technical specifications
​Slim Line Concept. The Slim Line concept has been developed at the request of packaging line integrators globally. What they wanted was an elevator with the advantages of a Spiral Conveyor e.g. continuous and simple, but with a much smaller footprint. 

Most packing lines are long, with workable but narrow aisles in-between. A traditional Spiral Elevator of near to 2 meters (6,5ft) in diameter does not fit or allow a reasonable space for product to pass and in which to work.

​But a 'Slim Line' spiral conveyor diameter of 1240mm (less than 4ft) fits seamlessly into the line.

​It compares very positively to the dimensions of traditional platform elevators and in many cases can be installed in much shorter spaces.

AmbaFlex designed the Spiral Conveyor Slim Line around this challenge and has found the perfect match between the key features of the AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor® and the market's needs.

​Distinguishing features
Compact design - Allows the Spiral Conveyor to be built extremely compact compared to other elevators on the market.
First class, high friction belt allows the compact but steeper incline
The first full-width, high friction belt. Like no other currently available, the AmbaFlex belt provides friction over more than 70% of its surface, vital for proper contact between product and friction.
​The Thermoplastic elastomer(s) friction provides the highest friction ratio available.
Unlike ordinary slat belts, the friction pads cannot snap out as these are chemically bonded into the slats in a unique 2K injection molding process. 

Standard features

Outer diameter only 1240mm (less than 4 ft.)
​Belt width 300mm
Able to carry most cartons up to a 300x400mm footprint
100% full width high friction 

Material configurations
S     Mild steel, coated
CR   High Corrosion resistant coated mild steel frame, stainless parts,        special CR-chain
​RS   Stainless steel frame and moving parts (wash down / wet environment)

In/ Out Feed Configurations