SpiralVeyor® SVM

Spiral Elevator/ accumulator for individual bottles & cans. Based on multiple trackchain belt technology. Single lane and mass flow.

Belt width: 100-800 mm 

Capacity: up to 80.000 items 


For single lane or mass flow

For primary packed items

Multitrack Spiral Conveyor Designed for individual bottles and cans

Elevator/ lowerator up to multiple floor levels

The SpiralVeyor® SVM is designed to convey individual bottles and cans in single or mass flow. Its compact, robust and simple design make it a revolutionary solution. The AmbaFlex patented belt with lateral roller guides permits multiple windings. This innovative solution allows a much more effectivelayout for filling lines.

Technical specifications 

Total conveyor width in standard range 100 to 600 mm 

Chain track width 100 mm or 200 mm 

Load capacity suited for filled bottles in mass flow 

Elevations over multiple floor levels 

Inclination angle customized to suit the application Speed ranges up to 60 m/min (over 85.000 bph)


Material configurations

S     Mild steel, coated 

CR   High Corrosion resistant coated mild steel frame, stainless parts,        special CR-chain 

RS   Stainless steel frame and moving parts (wash down / wet environment) 

In/ Out Feed Configurations

Special Range

Special (larger) diameters to suit the application and incline

Chains standard driven as the same line speed, optionally at the same angle speed

Please note the complete range of Spiral Conveyors including packed item elevators

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