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NEW SpiralVeyor® LogiLift

Reductions in costs and handling times are the motives in the logistics process. The SpiralVeyor® LogiLift was designed with this in mind; reducing costs andincreasing throughput. The LogiLift puts the Spiral Elevator within the range of many logistical layouts. As well as the savings, there are the functional benefits; space saving, the continuous process, high uptimes and high speeds.  

World leading Spiral Supplier

Save ± 30% on investment

"SpiralGrip" super grip spiral belt

Continuous flow

Compact footprintHigh throughput

Specially developed for distribution centres and express mail whereby the transport of outer packaging and plastic (bin) totes must be carried out economically but efficiently. The LogiLift is used for transport from or to sorting systems, from storage systems or in connection with the loading area. 

Product details

                                 Super Grip BeltThe only spiral belt available with SuperGrip belt. This unique AmbaFlex belt even enables                                             transport of the most difficult products on steep inclines without twisting or slipping.

The friction pads cover more than 60% of the belt top, exceeding 10 times the

area covered by ordinary spiral belts.

                                   Years of research resulted in a thermoplastic rubber compound with an optimal combination of extreme                                               friction and durability and 100% embedded into the base material. 

10-year carry-in guarantee

In contrast to other spiral belts, the friction pads do not easily snap out but become one with the base material.

AmbaFlex offers a 10-year carry-in guarantee on the bond of the friction pads. 

Most effective flow!

Save Space; the LogiLift easily saves 80% of the space compared to that required by an inclined belt. The footprint is less than 1.25 m (300 mm belt). But it also builds considerably shorter than a platform elevator including the required indexing belts.

Continuous flow; other than platform lifts, the LogiLift is continuous. No start/stop movements in order to prevent stoppages. Continuous flow offers an average of three times the troughput capacity. Speeds of 3,600/hr are no exeption. 

Cost effective

As the LogiLift is able to elevate at a higher incline, it saves belt length and thus, costs. Costs saving exceeding 30% are common.From the world's most installed AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor®, the LogiLift inherits the excellent engineering but is tuned into a lean logistic design reducing costs and retaining value. 

Product range

Elevation height: virtually unlimited

Belt speeds: up to 60 m/min

Loads: up to 50 kg/m

Several product guide options

All easy maintenance and alert options available