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120 Degree


system after

the filler

2 camera inspection

system after

the labeller

Small Fast Pusher system

​for rejection of glass bottles

Image Inspection

​By Camera

For more Inspection systems and more information, visit our partners BBULL, Click on the logo to go to the BBULL website

Date Code Inspection

On the conveyor Electronic

​system for tracking and rejection

Electronic Servo reject system to keep glass standing after rejection

Reject system for Glass and Plastic, standing rejection

Reject system for Glass and Plastic, standing rejection

Line Control Systems


Labeller Monitoring System 

to be installed in and after the 


Leakage Inspection for Crown Caps​

PC 5000

PC for all high level


High Level

​Label Inspection and

High Level

Fill Level Inspection

Compact Vision 

Inspection for fill level

​on the conveyor

Pressure testing 

​for cans

Fill Level 

systems and


Compact Fill

Level inspection

on the conveyor


360 Degree


system after

the Labeller

"Small" Label 

Inspection in

​the Labeller

"Small" Filler

Monitoring System

to be installed after the