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Quality Inspection of the Bottle Neck Area with 3 Cameras


  • Smiley detection

  • Cap height position inspection

  • Improved detection of inclinated caps,independent of the rotation of the bottle

  • Cap color inspection

  • Fill level inspection

  • Label presence inspection(if visible in the camera picture)

Technical Data:

  • 1x color camera 2x black white camera

  • Two different illumination types

  • Smiley inspection 120 degree 0.8mm

  • Cap pos. 0.6 mm relative to the carry ring

  • Inspection of inclined caps independent of the bottle rotation

  • Fill Level inspection

  • Label presence inspection

  • ​Speed up to 50.000 bottles / hour

  • Spindle height adjustment +/- 140mm

  • Max bottle diameter 120mm

  • Prepared for mounting at a single lane conveyor

  • IP 54 protected

  • Combinable with all BBULL inspection and rejection systems