BBULL are one of the internationally renowned world leaders in quality inspection systems for the food and drinks industry with their systems of supervision, control and quality assurance of fillers and labellers. BBull have worked in the industry for more than three decades and almost all the major producers are to be found among the company’s portfolio of customers.
The BBull merger with Centro Kontroll Systeme has brought added benefits. Centro Knotroll are renowned specialists in highly sophisticated rejection technology including Brush Off for bottles and Sinus Sorter for crates. They have introduced us to BBull Technology, allowing us to offer inspection solutions with optimal performance from both technical and commercial points of view.
BBull reputation has been built on a philosophy of quality and innovation. As BBull’s sole UK representative, Integrated Control Solutions are perfectly placed to meet all our customers’ demands and to surpass all your expectations of what we can achieve together.
We offer a wider range of systems for supervision, control and quality assurance. 

These include:
• Label, closure and fill height inspections 
• Camera Systems for fill level inspection, 
• Camera Systems for Label inspection, date code inspection, 
• Camera Systems for 360 degree vision inspection
• Sorting systems
• Rejection systems

The IMAGE 360 is a highly precise multi-camera system for inspection of containers not depending on rotation up to 72.000 b./h.

Based on long time experience in the field of professional digital image processing in the beverage industry 
BBULL TECHNOLOGY provides a reliable and professional device. A huge number of different application modules allow the use in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry. The integrated inspection bridge is equipped with 4 CCD- cameras that are installed circularly in 90° steps around the inspection object. The processing and calculation is performed in a high-quality industrial pc-controller with flexible combinations of different software-algorithms.

Leakage and Pressure detection 

The BBULL Pulse offers leakage and pressure detection in one unit

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