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Siemens S5 to Siemens S7

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Since the launch of the Siemens S7 system in  the late 90s, there has been a steady move away from the previous S5 system, and S7  has now become the definitive replacement. All Siemens SIMATIC S5 products have been discontinued by Siemens, and since 1st October 2006 have became available only as spare parts, making upgrade increasingly important. Manufacture of many of the S5 PLC components has now ceased, making spare parts difficult to obtain and upgrades increasingly important. ICS can bring you up to speed with a Siemens S5 to Siemens S7 upgrade, allowing a smooth migration from the obsolete SIMATIC S5 control system to the equivalent SIMATIC S7 technology platform.

We also upgrade to many other PLC types including Allen Bradley, mitsubishi​ are just a couple