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“Sick UK fully support ICS Ltd with their needs and requirements in this challenging new age world. Their knowledge is of avery high standard ranging from a simple machine safety upgrade to full turnkey projects. ICS Ltd possess a team of knowledgeable experts especially in Sick products.This business arrangement continues to grow in line with customer demands and wish lists. Together we are able to bridge thegap from the customer needs and challenges presented to ICS with the technology advances that Sick provide now and developfor the future.”
​Wayne Morrison

Sick Safety systems are ICS Standard

From simple to complex automation applications, SICK's safety relays, controllers and network solutions enable you to easily integrate safety-rated control into your machines and systems. Our network solutions provide off-the-shelf control and connectivity.


It is so safe and intelligent that a new word had to be invented for it: Flexi Soft. A solution that is flexible, scalable and easy to program using custom software – yet soft on the budget. And if the same engineers test the unlimited ability of the Flexi Line communication concept to network modular machines, they will be left speechless by its advanced capabilities. The same is likely to happen when they see that Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine in a way that both saves money and supports diagnostics. We think that’s intelligent. . 

Modular Product Portfolio
Thanks to the modular hardware platform, Flexi Soft can be perfectly adapted to different applications

• Main modules with or without safe networking

• Expansion modules “Standard” and “Safety” Gateways into all common bus systems

• Motion Control modules

• Relay modules

Safe Networking with Flexi Line
The ideal application for machines: ​safe networking of safety controllers across a wide area without any addressing

Cost-effective integration:

Rapid project planning and commissioning with no additional hardware

Effective communication and quick responses thanks to optimized data transfer

A flexible solution that allows any type of modular machine concept

Safe Sensor Cascade with Flexi Loop
​Cascading of safety switches and sensors in accordance with Performance Level PL e

Compatible with sensors from all manufacturers

Transmission of detailed diagnostic information

A perfect solution for packaging machines and production systems