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ASi Safe - Light Guards - Fixed Guarding - Captive Keys - Safety Relays - Programmable Safety Systems
Over many years, Integrated Control Solutions have installed pioneering products for safeguarding hazardous zones and for access protection, which make work processes safer without inhibiting them. We are proud to be among the technologically leading companies which specialise in the installation of the following systems: 

ASi Safe
AS-Interface Safety at Work is based on the standard AS-i protocol. This allows the system to transmit safety-related information. The basis is the transmission of dynamic code sequences (8 x 4-bit data sequence) which are stored in every safe AS-i slave. During installation and start-up, the safety monitor must learn these code sequences. Whilst in operation, the safety monitor constantly compares the target sequence with the current sequence of the safe AS-i slave. If the safe slave provides a wrong code sequence (e.g. 4 x 0 bit), the safety monitor switches off safely.

Light Guards
Integrated Control Solutions work with all OEM suppliers of light guards, (SICK is ICS Standard) all the guards are designed to address the special safeguarding needs that arise with end-of-line packaging environments, specifically around the pallet entry and entry/exit zone across conveyors.

Captive Keys
One advantage of the bolt interlocks is that there is no need to run power to the guard door. Power is disconnected by a trapped key on a control panel and the key is then hand-carried to the gate by the operator. Dual key bolt interlock has a secondary key to allow '2 key in' or 'key exchange' conditions. The key exchange version may be used where whole body access is required, as the secondary key can be used as a personnel key.

​Fixed Guards

Our guards are engineered to give as much protection as possible, even to machine operators who deliberately take chances or who are distracted on the job. We offer both fixed and interlocked guards.

Safety Relays
From Standard safety relays to Programable Relays, ICS use the corect relay for the correct job, more and more are we opting to go for the Programable solution.