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ICS are able to offer a variety of solutions to your needs for specialist industrial conveyor systems

Where products must be raised or lowered vertically from varying levels and in areas with restricted floor space, ICS’s latest range of continuous vertical elevator/lowerators provides a cost-effective flexible solution to materials handling. Spiral Conveyor Elevator is a continuous throughput vertical elevating unit, featuring the smallest footprint available, saving valuable floor space for an efficient system layout. It is the perfect solution for elevating products such as drums, cartons, boxes, totes, bags etc. These units are reversible as standard for dual operation such as batch feeding to/from various floor levels whilst multi-lane units with their separate drives allow continuous flow in both directions.

Air Conveyors:
ICS have formed a collaboration with a company to supply, maintain and modify new or existing PET air conveyor systems in the UK & Ireland. Based in France, this former NTS Legendre company, can handle most types of PET bottles by using specially developed neck and bottle body support guides, along with parallel hinge units, metering units, vertical elevators, vertical declines and specially developed line controls. Potential applications include one-way and returnable bottles which are required to be conveyed in modern bottling plants. This can be from a variety of bottle sources - blow moulders, de-palletisers and unscramblers, silos, rinsers and fillers, separately or in different combinations through the use of special bottle gates and batching units.

ICS offer a variety of laning devices for Single product, multipacks, shrinkpacks, crates and cartons. These can vary from several different options in and out of the laning device. Incorporated within the laner could be a reject lane for product inspected prior to the laner.

Our main Multi-Laner the LM07 is used for continuous distribution of unstable products from one inlet lane to multiple discharge lane It also allows an extremely precise and gentle product lane change, without having to hold the product or to create a space between consecutive products. 

The 05-Multilaner uses a pair of powered side belts at the machine discharge which are used to hold and pitch products so to allow the side movement of the switching guides

The 07-Multilaner uses a 2 axes movement of the side guides which are responsible for the lane change. During lane change the guides move simultaneously sideways for product change of direction (X axis), while at the same time moving longitudinally (Y axis) in the direction of motion of the product, thus allowing the LM07 to continously control the product and prevent it's falling over.