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Training - Towards the Future

Training has become an increasingly important par​t of the range of services which we offer to our customers. Today’s trainees are tomorrow’s experts.

As Programmable Logic Controllers are commonplace in all areas of industry. Accordingly it becomes ever-more important that maintenance personnel should be able to carry out effective fault finding on these systems.

Our courses will be invaluable to anyone involved in the maintenance of control systems which incorporate PLCs. Participants should ideally have an understanding of electrical principles.

The emphasis throughout our training is on useful, practical skills and their application in the context of common industrial situations. Much of our course is given over to ‘hands-on’ experience and the maintenance skills that are required when working with PLCs. Comprehensive course notes are provided.

We Specialize in the following

• Siemens S7-300, Profibus, Profinet, ASi Bus,

• Sick Safety systems, Light guards and Sick-Safe, Flexi Soft programmable safety

• All our Inspection and reject systems

• All our supplied OEM system, Depalletiser, Palletisers, Laners etc

• Candidates gain experience of each of these types, and this generic knowledge prepares them to deal with any type of PLC in the future.